The Animal Church Service


St.Barnabus Church

The animal church service was an idea brought up by Geraldine.

Based on seeing how people loved their pets, she wanted local pet owners to bring their pets to the church for a special sermon, thanking god for all living creatures, however, news of the service attracted publicity and press, causing an embarrassing newspaper article about the service.

David disagreed with the idea, who was worried that the animals would end up attacking or eating each other and causing chaos, which drives him to contact the Bishop about the service and possibly getting Geraldine removed from her position, and even tried making Hugo stay at home with him on the day.

Geraldine is later contacted by The Bishop, who warns he that if anything went wrong, she had to face the consequences, mostly likely being replaced.

On the day of the service, Hugo did not agree with his father, and later rushed to the church so he didn't miss the rest of the service, bringing their pet dog, Bruno, and his stuffed owl, Patricia.

During the service, the hymn 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' is sang in the service, and later on, the choir sings 'Puppy Love'.

Near the end of the service, David leaves his house to take some pictures of what he thought would be a failure, though to his surprise, he was proved wrong about the animals causing trouble, and the sight of it was actually beautiful.