This is intended to be a list of all the episodes of The Vicar of Dibley.

Series OneEdit


Arrival 3

Episode: 1

Geraldine Granger arrives in Dibley and ruffles feathers with Parish chairman David Horton, who asks for her to be instantly removed. However, the other villagers take a shine to their young new vicar.

Songs of PraiseEdit

Songs of praise 2

Episode: 2

The people from the BBC's Songs of Praise come to Dibley to film their show in St. Barnabas Church. Also, Geraldine finds the producer of Songs of Praise very attractive. David Horton hates actors and film crew at Dibley. He says that the film scence and scence ability came to the little village.and Jim Trott does the proper editon to the full monty

Easter BunnyEdit

The Vicar tells the Verger that the Easter Bunny is a myth. Alice is distressed.

At the next parish council meeting, the Vicar produces a "Lent Box" and says everyone should resolve to give up something for Lent and put a pound in the box whenever they break their resolution such as Owen has to stop his swearing and cussing, Letitia has to stop cooking horribly, Jim has to stop stuttering the word "no", Frank Pickle has to give up being a pedant person, David Horton should start being nice to everyone and Hugo should stop having lustful thoughts. Several pounds are collected for swearing and dithering, and the Vicar resolves to give up chocolate. Letitia speaks to her proposal that Dibley host the Olympic Games.

Later Hugo tells the Vicar in the Vicarage that he hasn't any real vices to give up, but says he will try to give up thinking about "It". He puts several pounds in the box when Alice comes in.

Then Letitia is found to be on her deathbed. She tells the Vicar a secret just before dying, asking if she will carry on a tradition. The older men recount stories of Letitia's romantic encounters.

The Vicar tries to honour Letitia's last wish and collects a heap of Easter eggs and a bunny costume. Part way through her early morning egg deliveries, she meets another Easter Bunny: David, who had been told of the same dying wish. Eventually they meet several others. Letitia's last joke.

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