Frank Pickle
Full name
Frankin Lawrence Pickle
First appearance
Last appearance
Mother (Deceased)
Father (Deceased)
1 brother
2 Sisters
Geraldine Horton (God Granddaughter) Justin (boyfriend)
Alistair (boyfriend), Child (with Owen's cousin)

Franklin  Lawrence "Frank" Pickle, dubbed (by the News writers) as The Most Boring Man in Britain, is the dull but friendly Parish Secretary. He insists on writing down the most boring of minutes that need not be noted. He is bisexual as he has admitted to having a crush on Owen Newitt and Margaret Beckett. He came out as gay on Dibley radio, but unfortunately, nobody was listening except the Vicar Geraldine Granger, who was with him at the time.

Background and PersonalityEdit

Frank has been single all his life but has a possible child with Owen's cousin. He loves getting everything perfectly orderly, such as taking a vote to decide if Geraldine Horton is a pretty baby. He is also quite dim witted, doing things such as talking in the voice of Stephen Hawking whilst performing in the church Nativity Play. He is best friends with Jim Trott and they do activities together such as Christmas lunch and visiting the vicar. He particularly annoys David Horton, who always wants to see him dead, even though Frank has the utmost respect for him always calling him either "sir" or "Mr. Horton."

Due to Frank's long, boring speeches, at least five people, including his parents, have died while he was talking; in Summer, Frank reveals his parents commited suicide by leaping out of an open window while he was outlining parish council procedure, and in Autumn, two older members of the congregation died while he was preaching a sermon during Sunday service (one of them shot himself).


  • As a christening gift, he gave Geraldine Horton handwritten copies of the council meetings for the last 30 years.

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