G.O.N.A.D.S 6

Portrayed by
Gareth Vaughan
First appearance
'Songs of Praise'
Last appearance
'The Vicar in white'

The G.O.N.A.D.S member is the sixth person to audition for the Dibley choir.

He starts by telling The Vicar that he is very big in the G.O.N.A.D.S, which confuses her, thinking he is referring to his genitals.

He then tells her that it's actually the initials for an operatics group he's in (The Great Ottley And Netterton Ameteur Dramatic Society).

Like the previous auditioners, he sings 'You Fill Up My Senses'. even though the song choice annoyed Geraldine, he still made it into the choir and remained in it until the very last episode of The Vicar of Dibley.

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