Jeremy Ogilvy

Jeremy 2

Portrayed by
Hugh Bonneville
Appeared on
'The Vicar in white'

Jeremy Arthur Ogilvy was the vicar at the wedding of Geraldine and Harry. He has an ongoing crush on Geraldine which eventually made him propose to her. She rejected him instantly. At the ceremony, he flirted with Geraldine and insulted Harry. He and Geraldine's saying is "God is groovy, God is good, God is king of the neighbourhood!".

Jeremy likes to call himself "the Reverend Uhu, because couples I put together stick together". He has conducted over 300 weddings, five of which ended in divorce, and one ended in murder.

He was to take over as priest for Dibley, after marrying  Geraldine and Harry(who technically married themselves because Jeremy didn't do much but reject the fact that Geraldine wasn't marrying him). Although Geraldine announced that he would be taking her position after her wedding, Geraldine decided that Jeremy wasn't cut out to be Dibley's vicar at the same time Jeremy revealed to her that he agreed to take the position in hopes to marry her, so Geraldine withdrew and took back the title as the Vicar of Dibley.

He returned to christen Geraldine and Harry's children, 9 weeks after their birth, in February 2014. He was a possible god father to the twins but Geraldine and Harry decided that it was best not to appoint him godfather.

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