Judith Elizabeth Mary Horton Williams: Is the third girlfriend and second wife of Simon Horton.


Early Life

Judith Williams was born in Wales and was sent to boarding school at the age of 8. She attended the

The Vicar of Dibley

Judith lived in Liverpool when Simon abandoned her to live in Dibley. However he moved back to Wales to marry her, only having a sexual relationship with Geraldine, Dibley's vicar.

Married Life

With Simon, Judith gave birth to twins Nathaniel Simon and Natalia Simone.


When the twins were a week old, Simon was caught cheating on Judith. Simon divorced Judith 2 weeks later, and never came to her. After the divorce, Judith legally changed her children's names. Judith raised the two children on her own in Wales, until they were 7 and then moved to Ireland. When the twins were 10 the family moved to Dibley. Neither Judith nor Geraldine had any idea that either of them had to do with Simon, so the family was welcomed into Dibley. When they did find out about each other's connection with Simon, both admitted he was sweet with the ladies, but was a down right jerk and womanizer. Gerry and Judi remained friends even after finding out about each other's connection to Simon.