St.Barnabus Church

St.Barnabus church

Current Vicar
Known Vicars
Reverend Pottle (1917-1994) Geraldine Kennedy (1994-Present)

St.Barnabus Church is the church in Dibley. It was named after St.Barnabus of Wolverhampton. The vicar has served in this church ever since her arrival and this is where Parish Council meetings are held. The church has seen well over 100 weddings and has housed BBC camera crews, Daleks and telly tubbies. The north window was destroyed in the quite big storm of 1994 so Geraldine replaced it with clear glass.


  • Geraldine's first sermon
  • Songs of praise
  • Animal church service
  • Alice and Hugo's wedding
  • Baby Geraldine's christening
  • Reverend Pottle's death
  • Harry and Geraldine's wedding
  • Valentine Gala night
  • Parish Council meetings
  • Hugo and Alice's engagement
  • David's proposal

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