The Dibley Parish council are the local parish council which keeps things running in Dibley. They make such decisions as planning, church activities and events. There are 6 current members, with David Horton as the chairman. They all have their designated seats on the table with each place showing a rank of authority. The Dibley Parish council also have helped save Dibley from things such as a reservoir being built over Dibley.


  • Geraldine Kennedy- another supervisor, Geraldine specializes in in-church events, and conducts services, sermons, and masses.
  • Hugo Horton- an assistant to the vicar, as well as an idea-giver
  • Owen Newitt- not an exact known occupation, however, he has been known to give some good ideas, but they turn into bad ones. He is known to have been the host and planner of major events, and is a very significant choir member.
  • Frank Pickle- Frank minutes each meeting verbatim, and has over 20,000 pages of minutes from past meetings all the way back to WWII.
  • Jim Trott- A representative of the Parish Council at events, as well as a spokesperson and an introducer at performances. He is also the organist.