The Kennedy Twins: A boy and girl born to Geraldine and Harry in 2015. They do not appear in the 2015 comic relief.

Reginald William Franklin Arnold "Reggie" Kennedy- the older of the twins

Evangeline Amelia Catherine Marigold "Eva" Kennedy
- younger of the twins

The twins were born via emergency c-section at John Radcliffe Hospital. Geraldine was 47 when she had the twins. Geraldine had not expected to ever carry a child, thus it was a surprise when she found out she was pregnant. Harry was not present for the birth, since it was a last minute emergency surgery. However Alice who was visiting the Vicar during after hospital hours, was present for the birth, being asked to be in the operating theatre to support Gerry. Alice forgot to tell Harry about the birth, he was helping someone in the village with finances, until hours after it happened. However when Geraldine did get a hold of Harry over the phone, he rushed over to the hospital to be with her. Alice suggested that they name their children after animals from Jurassic Park, but Geraldine declined. They were christened at St.Barnabus Church by their mother's old friend.


  • Their father wasn't present for the birth, because it was an emergency cesarean section last minute. Their father, at the time of their birth, was helping a villager with their finances
  • Their god mother and god father are Alice and Hugo
  • Their mother was on bed rest at John Radcliffe's Hospital, when she went into premature labour
  • Their mother didn't expect to have children at all, due to her age
  • Alice, last minute, was at Geraldine's side in theatre
  • Geraldine got to do skin to skin with both her twins in theatre

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