The Vicar in White is a special episode of The Vicar of Dibley. It first aired 1 January 2007.


Geraldine is looking forward to organising her own wedding to Harry, but the villagers insist on arranging it for her, thinking they are doing her a favour, and she doesn't have the heart to tell them otherwise. Hugo does a This Is Your Life for Geraldine, but this is interrupted by a power cut. The evening before the wedding, Owen, Jim, and Jeremy Ogilvy, an old college friend whom Geraldine has chosen to conduct her wedding, all propose to her. On her wedding day, her white dress is ruined when Owen drives the car through a puddle and the dress is covered with mud. Geraldine then goes to the church in her pyjamas, and bridesmaid Alice is dressed as the Tenth Doctor with two Daleks. Geraldine and Harry are married. After the ceremony, Geraldine literally flies up into the sky with happiness.

Alice finally understands a joke, after Harry explains the complexities of wordplay to her.