Tristan Campbell

Tristan Campbell

Portrayed by
Peter Capaldi
First appearance
'Songs of Praise'
Last appearance
'The Christmas Lunch Incident'
Married (Presumed)

Tristan Campbell is the producer from BBC's Songs of Praise.

In the episode, Geraldine ended up gaining a big crush on him when he came over to her house to see if everything would be okay for the filming of the episode, the crush running through even after filming.

Unfortunately, near the end of the episode, the crush came to an end when Geraldine found that he was supposedly going out with Ruth, the camera woman, which also upset David, as he had gained a crush of his own for Ruth, though it's likely that their shared number was actually the phone number to contact the BBC's Song of Praise department.

He later reappeared in the episode 'The Christmas Lunch Incident', where he asked Geraldine to marry him, she said yes, but as it turned out, she had misinterpreted the meaning of it, as he actually wanted Geraldine to be the vicar at his and Aoife's wedding service.